Honor has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life throughout her career. Here is what just some of them had to say:

... You made me feel so much more positive about everything and happier about myself

...Having a reading with you is better than any tonic or tranquilliser!

...Thank you very much......for putting my mind at rest.

...Honor is a lovely, attractive, pleasant young woman who did not seem at all odd, nor made me feel uncomfortable in any way.....she seemed positive, spiritual, loving and warm.

...The most amazing information that I had been given was the location of my purse......I was stunned when on returning home I found the purse in the exact location Honor has described to me!

...Just like every human being Honor is blessed with a gift. She uses her gift to help others who are in need of help. I needed help and she was there with open arms. She was able to give me a better insight into my life with what obstacles/opportunities I may be facing. What was great is that she gave me simple instructions on how to deal with negative situations. Now nothing phases me! I think Honor is a wonderful woman and I would highly recommend her to any one.